• Marsha Timothy Loves Berrybenka the Label

    Marsha Timothy Loves Berrybenka the Label

    08 May 2015

    Super talented Mom, Marsha Timothy berkolaborasi dengan mengeluarkan koleksinya yang...

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  • Jessica Mila Loves Berrybenka the Label

    Jessica Mila Loves Berrybenka the Label

    29 April 2015

    2014 was definitely her acting year! Come 2015, this girl does it all...berkolaborasi dengan kami...

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  • The Voice of an Angel

    The Voice of an Angel

    24 November 2014

    Get to know Angel, as B Magazine sit down and chat with this young bright thing with so so many...

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Sigi Wimala's White Noise

10 September 2014

This it girl is always endeavoring something new Sigi is keep moving forward.. keep up with her life...

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Keeping Up with Risty Tagor

11 August 2014

Aktris yang kini berhijab merupakan salah satu pecinta fashion tanah air, setelah menikah Ia memutuskan...

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The Lovely Marsha Timothy

01 July 2014

Meet Marsha Timothy and get to know more about her life, her passion, and her new life..

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Fashion perspective by Dewi Utari

19 June 2014

She's been in the industry for more than a decade She knows fashion like the back of her hand.. And...

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The Shabby Chic Dynasty of Ria Miranda

05 June 2014

Dalam rangka peluncuran perdana B Magazine berbincang dengan Ria Miranda tentang...

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Chelsea Islan : The Most Shining New Kid On The Block

03 June 2014

She just turned 19 but she's ready to take on the world. In her gap year, Chelsea Islan takes acting...

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Raline Shah is... The Girl We Love!

05 May 2014

There's something about her, that kept infatuated us. She talked about career, life and how she conquers...

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